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Part 2

Analysing Performance and Metrics



What metrics matter in your business? You need to tell us.

Buying revenue is out. Organic revenue is in. Yet 100 year old companies are failing. What’s changed? How do we know and respond?

Business is more complicated now. Years ago it was just assets and liabilities, debt and equity. Now there are more complicated metrics and different ways of calculating value… and stakeholders to take into account as you learn to manage, and value, the company’s ‘brand’.

If you want to build, refresh and benchmark your skills – here’s your answer.

In Part 2, Analysing Performance and Metrics, you will:

  • Get on top of the complex theory of business growth, capital performance, competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Develop powerful analysis insights when you put storylines and ratios together and benchmark
  • Explore non-financial indicators and socio-economic analysis. They are the metrics announcing change.


Make metrics your new business tool.