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Part 3

Tools To Enahnce Decision Making Nous



The CFO always spots the one number that is wrong. And always at the start of your presentation. Don’t you just hate that?


How did you learn to budget and do feasibilities?  By using ‘short cuts’ that smart people showed you?  By using a spreadsheet someone emailed you -you know, the one that had the gremlins that finance picked up?  Please promise us that you don’t use a calculator and plug in the final number... 

Assumptions capture the thinking, decisions and risk aptitude.  This is where those at the top test you. The devil is in the detail and they know all the traps. 

In Part III, Spreadsheet Modelling Workshop, you will:

  • Build a proper budget, apply the time value of money metrics and develop it into a feasibility study
  • Learn simple ways to validate decisions and do 'What If's'
  • Submit a simple investment proposal for review


Don't create smoke and mirrors. Get it right.