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Financial Performance Unveiled


Essential knowledge that could save your career and company










Here are Five Good Reasons to do Financial Performance Unveiled

1. Required

Finance is the language of leadership. You have to know it and use it to get ahead.

2. Relevant

Practical examples, tools and exercises to hone your thinking and decisions about how to improve business performance. Provides over 30 real company case studies from 12 sectors, while financial statements presented over time (4 – 32 years). IFSR concepts - relevant globally.

3. Real-time

Mobile design allows flexible learning over time, space, and pace

4. Resourceful

The video workshop introduces the key concepts; course notes delve deeper, introducing case examples and self-assessment exercises and if in doubt – email for assistance.

5. Reliable

Successfully delivered to boards and managers for over 16 years through face-to-face and public training courses.

Choosing a practical, business-focused, ‘finance for non-finance’ managers course?
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