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Parts 1, 2 & 3

Financial Performance Unveiled



Looking to learn, refresh or benchmark your knowledge of numbers? Look here.

Financial Performance Unveiled is an online finance course to help build your business credibility, commercial acumen and de-risk your and your company’s future.

Managing the financial performance of a business is an important career step. Not only do you need to be confident of your business decisions, you have to justify them when pitching to those around the decision making table or justifying the performance of your strategy.

In Part 1 you read and interpret the story of a company’s growth and develop the confidence to form and express an opinion.

In Part 2 you add ratios and non-financial metrics into your analysis and benchmark the company’s performance and improve the rigour of your decision making.

In Part 3 you test your gut feel by building a simple excel spreadsheet model to produce the key metrics. Recalibrate your assumptions and assess the risk.


Learn, refresh or benchmark your commercial acumen. Now.