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Part 1

Reading & Interpreting Financial Statements (NFP's/Charities)



Can you think and talk in numbers? You need to.

especially if you are working with, or for, a NFP or charity.

As competition for funding becomes more difficult, donors and partners will be wanting to read and assess your annual reports and compare performance metrics. They want their dollars to be well spent and for your organisation to achieve the results and changed futures intended. 

Gone are the days when an annual event generated the extra cash needed.  Nowadays generating revenue is as much about the long term benefit for supporting partners as it is for our own organisation. 

If you are new to the realm of sourcing revenue to finance the future, you are competing against organisations which have been around for decades. Many have a sophisticated business model and boards of directors with clout and contacts. 

It’s not going to get easier in the future.

If you are a manager, or voluntary member of a board or committee, you need financial knowledge to quantify your ‘street smarts’ and hone the group’s decision making.

In Part I , Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements, you will gain the confidence to: 

  • Influence with a clear, logical business perspective
  • Argue your business case, explaining what the numbers mean and how you will produce the results
  • Engage your finance team about business strategy rather than basic reporting

As well as learning why leading companies collapsed, you are provided with self-assessment case studies relevant to NFP’s and charities: membership, sport, arts, health, local government/community.  

Learn the language that builds your organisation.