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Workshop 5 - Valuing Company Reputation

Beyond the power of your brand


Why should we pay for that?
What evidence do you have?

We just seem to keep spending more money on stakeholder engagement. When we will see a kick in the bottom line?

Corporate Reputation is hard to earn, easy to lose, and much more difficult to regain. It’s not easy to ‘fix’ and often the task of ‘fixing it’ is given to Corporate Affairs or Sustainability or Marketing executives because Reputation is a result of many elements.  The amr Annual Reputation Index, for example, rates six elements (Leadership, Performance, Products & Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance and Citizenship) to produce its Index.

If you have built a strong reputation, the community, media or regulators will trust you to fix it fast. But if you haven’t, you will be pressured to ‘do something’ fast.

  • How do you start? This workshop provides an active and engaging approach.
  • Who can run a workshop for employees? You can, or your L&D consultants, or your HR team, or an external consultant
Workshop 5